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Spirited by ThePowerofThree95 Spirited :iconthepowerofthree95:ThePowerofThree95 2 0 KenUno chibi by ThePowerofThree95 KenUno chibi :iconthepowerofthree95:ThePowerofThree95 6 6 Ryuk, the Bored Shinigami by ThePowerofThree95 Ryuk, the Bored Shinigami :iconthepowerofthree95:ThePowerofThree95 32 9 The Man who Went Down and Dirty by ThePowerofThree95 The Man who Went Down and Dirty :iconthepowerofthree95:ThePowerofThree95 29 17 O Yasumi Nasai (Portrait) by ThePowerofThree95 O Yasumi Nasai (Portrait) :iconthepowerofthree95:ThePowerofThree95 16 2 A 2 Hour Sketch of Zelda by ThePowerofThree95 A 2 Hour Sketch of Zelda :iconthepowerofthree95:ThePowerofThree95 46 13
My breathing became agony. That damn agony separated my body from my brain, making it impossible for me to move. The rain pushed me harder to the ground falling to my bare bloody opened flesh in my stomach when I realized … it was over.
I couldn't do anything. Just watch how that man with his hair raised up in a spike gave his last glance at me, spitting to the ground before turning around. It was odd, seeing you insulting yourself like that. Like the taste of your own damn medicine. Worst of all, he stole my rightful place. It should have been me the one how looked down to a soon-be-dead-body on the ground. Me the one who scoffed disappointed in that guy's low potential. I, Kenpachi Zaraki, of all the Captains the strongest, how could I let this happen?
Nevertheless, he was stronger.
I never though that I would die to the likes of myself.
The intensity of me wanting to move my fingers and grab my Zanpak-to increase like the rain that kept me attached to the ground. My
:iconthepowerofthree95:ThePowerofThree95 2 1
Beautiful and Solitary
Beautiful and Solitary
Chapter One: The truth
The Council of the Captains was aligned just for me that morning. I had to present my report in front of them all, all covered up in wounds because there was no time for treatment. The Old Man was desperate to hear what I was about to say about the mission. So I knelt in front of him with my Haori touching the wooden floor with some of my blood. The thing was I heard an anonymous hiss beside me, as if the absent agony that should been in me had moved on to another person. I didn't have to look to know that it was the Captain of that Healing Squad, she always stood there. Besides she always smelled like Herbs and Incense, and so it has been since the first time I saw her since I first joined the Squads.
She was all so different. I've heard that she's the strongest of all the Captains right after the Old Man, so she had this privilege to questionize the Old Man's orders every now and then. She always talked about the innocent and our priority
:iconthepowerofthree95:ThePowerofThree95 3 2
Ken-chan is happy by ThePowerofThree95 Ken-chan is happy :iconthepowerofthree95:ThePowerofThree95 10 4 I Struggle in This Fight by ThePowerofThree95 I Struggle in This Fight :iconthepowerofthree95:ThePowerofThree95 36 2 Tsuki yo Oshite Kure by ThePowerofThree95 Tsuki yo Oshite Kure :iconthepowerofthree95:ThePowerofThree95 2 2 Hollow: The trance by ThePowerofThree95 Hollow: The trance :iconthepowerofthree95:ThePowerofThree95 0 0 The Substitute, Kurosaki Ichigo by ThePowerofThree95 The Substitute, Kurosaki Ichigo :iconthepowerofthree95:ThePowerofThree95 9 2 As You Fly by ThePowerofThree95 As You Fly :iconthepowerofthree95:ThePowerofThree95 25 15 Suzuki Shogo as Zaraki Kenpachi III by ThePowerofThree95 Suzuki Shogo as Zaraki Kenpachi III :iconthepowerofthree95:ThePowerofThree95 11 3 Suzuki Shogo as Zaraki Kenpachi II by ThePowerofThree95 Suzuki Shogo as Zaraki Kenpachi II :iconthepowerofthree95:ThePowerofThree95 10 0


Shogo stamp by atlantismonkey Shogo stamp :iconatlantismonkey:atlantismonkey 21 3 Miki stamp by atlantismonkey Miki stamp :iconatlantismonkey:atlantismonkey 38 6 Shuji stamp by atlantismonkey Shuji stamp :iconatlantismonkey:atlantismonkey 61 5 Death Note: L Wants To Bake? by slumberdoll Death Note: L Wants To Bake? :iconslumberdoll:slumberdoll 1,147 152 Death Note: This Is Heaven by behindinfinity Death Note: This Is Heaven :iconbehindinfinity:behindinfinity 81,853 15,500 DN: Gods of the New World by BlackMageAlodia DN: Gods of the New World :iconblackmagealodia:BlackMageAlodia 2,402 187 Death Note: Glomp by BlackMageAlodia Death Note: Glomp :iconblackmagealodia:BlackMageAlodia 2,495 228 Misa Misa's Happy Sweets Show by BlackMageAlodia Misa Misa's Happy Sweets Show :iconblackmagealodia:BlackMageAlodia 2,985 327 No Apples Stamp by itz-Cindyrella No Apples Stamp :iconitz-cindyrella:itz-Cindyrella 718 64 Shinigami Ryuk by Wilmsy Shinigami Ryuk :iconwilmsy:Wilmsy 56 5 DNF: It's-a Me, Ryuk by Garth2The2ndPower DNF: It's-a Me, Ryuk :icongarth2the2ndpower:Garth2The2ndPower 425 114 Ryuk Poster by Deidara-Clone Ryuk Poster :icondeidara-clone:Deidara-Clone 109 22 Ryuk Is Suprised by Chibi-Yuri Ryuk Is Suprised :iconchibi-yuri:Chibi-Yuri 150 68 Ryuk Chase by TobleroneMunchy Ryuk Chase :icontobleronemunchy:TobleroneMunchy 71 7 Death Note Bananas by zorkky Death Note Bananas :iconzorkky:zorkky 1,746 162




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Puerto Rico
In my Otaku years, Death Note was probably one of the firsts anime/manga I've herd about. But I was like Twelve at the time >3< and I was too fragile when I saw RYUK and I was completely freaked out.

Six years later my sister comes up to me and says "Hey I watched a Death Note Live Action and it was cool" and I was like Hmpf, I remember it. But my curiosity and my hunger for a new anime grew and I sat to watch it.

When I saw RYUK again after all those years I was like whoah, he's scarier than I remember it but then I saw the apple thingy and the following-Light-everywhere-cuz-I-have-nothing-to-do rutine and I was like ... :iconcuterukia-plz: and :iconpervyrukiaplz:
Now for me RYUK is OwO, OMG, WTF, LOL, LMFAO!!!!

Moral: Don't judge a Shinigami by his cover :iconryukplz:


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